A Candidate’s Team

Elections are true team efforts and every candidate needs to build a team around them that they can trust. During an election, at a minimum, the core members include:

  • Campaign Manager: The Boss. Dictates the day to day plans as well as the campaign strategy.
  • Official Agent/Financial Agent: Sets up campaign bank account, pays the bills and files election return. A financial agent is legally required to file a timely and complete election return.
  • Candidate: Relentlessly communicates the campaign message while canvassing, debating, and meeting the media.

Beyond the core group, a sign co-ordinator, fundraising co-ordinator and volunteer co-ordinator should ideally round out a team. For a larger campaign, media co-ordinators can help direct social media and set up media availabilities for the candidate.

The quality of the team is just as important as the quality of the candidate. If you have questions about setting up a team, contact me at marc.power@mypoliticalconsultant.com and we can arrange a consultation.

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